Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Charlie's Bday Party!

We had a blast this past Saturday at Charlie's party. Jamie always knows how to make things look beautiful and Charlie's party was no exception. It was a beautiful day, and since we were all excited about the Auburn/LSU game, we all tried to dress accordingly. Margaret Anne wore her new Auburn dress, too!

 MA loves her some Charlie. And I thought we would never get her away from the slide!

Each child got to decorate a pumpkin and take it home! We loved doing this and I thought the finished ones were so cute.

Margaret Anne's kitty cat pumpin.

Jamie made so much cute delicious food!

Charlie's special Birthday Cupcake! So cute!

I think he liked it. Such a precious family! We love them so much.


Margaret Anne loved this see saw toy!

We tried to get a good picture of the guys, but Charlie wasn't having it! It was his party, he wanted to play!

Not a great pic of the three muske-terrors, but it was the best I could do! That's Jamie's nickname for them, by the way.

Then after all the kids had decorated their pumpkins, we decided Elaine's "pumpkin" Ava needed a costume, too!
So cute!

Part of our Momtourage group! Me, Elaine, and Jamie

Andrew, so cute and hard to get a picture of because he is so busy!

We also got to take home cookies. I may or may not have eaten Margaret Anne's. (Ok, I shared it with her.)

 Thanks for having us, Jamie! We had so much fun!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Champions of Hope 2010

Wow. I wanted to write this post as soon as I got home because I am so overwhelmed.  Sandi, my sister in law, is such a remarkable, strong, brave woman.  She was sitting on a porch one night with some good friends, and had a vision to start raising money for women in her area who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and who are not as blessed with the insurance and resources that she has. So they began Champions of Hope. Three years ago, when they started the race/event, 400 people signed up. Last year, 800 people signed up. This year, approximately 1800 people signed up to participate. Her vision, her ministry to other women, has become something very large. And I think she doesn't even realize how important and powerful her story is. Besides the fact that she and her friends can put together a very fun, well organized event.  
I could not be more proud to be Sandi's sister (in law). I am so very proud of her and I can't think of a person that I admire more in the world. She is my best friend, my family, my sister, and I love her so very much.
Now, on to the race day pics!

Margaret Anne started out the morning by jamming out to some Wesley Cook!

She danced with sweet Kate.

And hung out with Nonna, Daddy, and Grammy!

Hays crossed the finish line first!

And then I finished! I want to mention the sweet girl also named Meredith that I met while running. She said she reads my blog, so hey Meredith! It was so nice to meet you!!

Sandi and me

Sandi and Alan

Alan and me. P.S. Alan hasn't run in a YEAR and finished the 5k in 30 min. Dang.

Kate was in charge of the Survivor tent and did a beautiful job!

The Thalian Mardi Gras Society T-shirt won for T-shirt design!

Our tributes to Sandi on the Tribute Wall

Grammy, Grampa, and Grampy watching all the fun!

Margaret Anne with her medal and Bubba

Nonna checking out the medal

Watching the awards. It started getting a little hot in the sun...

Sandi did a terrific job speaking! She is truly inspiring for everyone who meets her.

Kelli Hall being crowned chairperson.

Margaret Anne was ready to go home!

We had such a great weekend with family. I feel so very blessed.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sandi - Southern Living Breast Cancer Survivor

Hey all! Please take some time and visit THIS LINK to read about my amazing, brave sister-in-law, Sandi. Isn't she gorgeous?? We like to say Alan outkicked his coverage with her :-)