Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To Illustrate Meredith's Point...

This freaks me out.

Have you seen baby bangs? This is strange to me and makes me seriously uncomfortable! It reminds me of a Saturday Night live "commercial" about baby toupees. But this is real!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Chill Mode

This is a picture I took of MA when we went to Jackson's for dinner Sat night. Just trying to blend in with the mellow crowd!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mom, why do they keep swimming away?

Thought I would show you guys what bathtime is like these days. Enjoy! And don't forget to scroll down and pause the music so you can hear the sound.

Will I be this kind of father?

Haha! This video is compliments of Laura Graham. Got it on my email this morning and had to share. I will soon have the capability to show YouTube clips directly on the blog, but am having technical difficulties! Here is the link...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A call for COMMENTS

Alright you guys! I have been checking out my Google analytics and I know that you are reading all over the place, and if you are a friend, regular reader, "blog stalker," or just someone who happened upon this site and thought my baby was precious, please, please, puh-lease leave a comment! I want to know who my bloggie friends are. Just make sure that your comments are nice. Thanks!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday in the Park

We went back to the park today and went for a swing. It was gorgeous outside and we are lucky to have a park very close to our house. I think she enjoyed it as much as we did!

Natalie and Scott's wedding weekend

We have had such a fun and busy weekend. My dear friend Natalie got married yesterday, so several friends came in town and stayed with us! We had a great time with them and it was really good to see everyone. Margaret Anne got to go to the reception and join in the fun!

Hays and I left a little early because Margaret Anne konked out, so we went home and waited for our houseguests to return. When they did, we girls got into our PJ's and had fun like old times!

I'm not quite sure our men really understand us. But that's ok. They aren't supposed to!

Spring Break '09

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Last week was my spring break and I wanted to spend every spare second with Margaret Anne. We had such a good time and I am going to be very sad to drop her off at daycare tomorrow!

Margaret Anne is growing so fast! I am pretty sure she is teething... the drool, hand chewing, and whining have reached a whole new level. I will be sure to let you guys know when a tooth shows up.

Nonna got MA a precious Easter basket from Pottery Barn Kids. I LOVE it because it is one she can keep and use for several years. Here are pictures...


and by the way, we call her Margaret Anne, but there wasn't enough room for that many letters. She has a big name to be so little!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just a Swangin'

We went for a walk today, and stopped at the park on the way home. I think Margaret Anne liked her first time in the swing!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Has anyone else seen this movie? I bought it at Costco on Saturday because I had heard so many good things about it. Hays and I watched it yesterday, and I highly recommend it for anyone who is engaged or married. We thought it was awesome. Two thumbs up!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pictures from our Dothan Weekend!

Aunt Sandi got Margaret Anne a pink ducky bathtub!

She's not real sure what she thinks about it!

But she makes some good silly faces!
Nonna, you may not want to look at "Uncle Alan's idea of baby play!"
However, Margaret Anne REALLY liked this!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dothan Weekend and The Bachelor Finale!

*****UPDATE! Lincee's posted her Bachelor recap. Hilarious!!!*****

Ok, first let us get this whole "Bachelor" debacle out of the way. I am one of the people who read the spoilers and I was not shocked at what happened last night. Here are my thoughts:
1. Jason is a really bad actor.

2. IF Jason cared about Melissa as much as he said he did, he would have broken up with her someplace other than on national television.

3. IF Melissa had some idea of what was going to happen, which she obviously did because of the way she looked when she first came out on the set, then she should have stayed home. This makes me wonder if this wasn't some elaborate ratings plot that Melissa was in on too.

4. I was way offended that d-bag Jason broke up with Melissa and then was kissing Molly about 10 minutes later. Too soon, too soon. And what does that say to you about Molly's character?

5. I hope Ty doesn't watch that when he gets older and think that is an acceptable way to treat women.

6. I can see now why Jason is divorced.

7. OHCH (Lincee Ray abbreviation for "our host Chris Harrison") should win some sort of award for all of this. And WHY doesn't he have his own show yet? Dude is FUNNY!

Now onto the Dothan weekend. We had a GREAT time! The drive in the bad weather took about 2 hours longer than normal, but it was well worth it. We didn't exactly get to go to the wedding that we had planned to go to, but that is another story in itself, that Hays can blog about if he so chooses. We got to spend lots of quality time with Alan and Sandi, and Grammy and Grampy as well! Sandi and I went on a fabulous Target shopping spree, and let me just say that the Target in Dothan is HANDS DOWN better than the Target here on 280 in Birmingham. Their clothing selection was great. I got some really cute stuff and some things I had really wanted. Some of which were Space Bags and a space heater for my classroom (it can be unreasonably cold at any time of year). The space heater was originally $30 and I got it for $8!! I also found an awesome Dreft pretreater pen to keep in the diaper bag! Target is so much fun, I could stay in there for days.

Sandi bought Margaret Anne a very cute little inflatable duck tub to bathe in at their house, so we tried it out. It worked so well that I got her one for our house too! She is having a little trouble getting used to it, but I think that when she learns that she can sit up easier in there and play with toys that she will love it! Pictures to come...

We also got to drive back in the beautiful snow. It was strange seeing snow falling so hard that far south, but it made for a beautiful drive. The ground was too warm for it to accumulate, so the road conditions weren't scary at all. Here is a view of the snow from the car. This was taken with my BlackBerry so it isn't the best quality!