Thursday, October 25, 2007

I am going to be an aunt!

Okay, so TECHNICALLY I am not becoming an aunt. But it sure feels like I am. This is Peanut. Peanut is a fetus, belonging to my friend Amanda and her husband Benji. I don't know what sex Peanut is yet, but in my heart I feel like Peanut is female. Alyson, don't fight me on this. If I am wrong, you can say you told me so.

Let me explain why I feel so much like I am becoming an aunt.

I met Amanda in elementary school. As soon as we were in the same 5th grade class, we became inseperable. We even dressed alike, on purpose, and lied to people about it. WE WERE JUST THAT MUCH ALIKE. From 5th grade on we have been friends. But not the kind of friends that call each other up and go do something together every once in a while because you are bored. We were the kind of friends that were so involved in each other's lives that you couldn't do something without the other knowing about it. EVER. It really annoyed our parents, I think.

Amanda had the good fortune to have a sister, but I didn't have a true sister until my brother married Sandi. Amanda was my SISTER, in every sense of the word. We lived together in college, for all but one year out of the five that we were at the same school at the same time. To quote Amanda's wedding toast, "there is nothing in my life that she hasn't been a part of."

Amanda has been there for me through good times and BAD, and through one particular relationship she stood by my side (looking at me like I was stupid most of the time, which I was, but that is neither here nor there), and each time I fell she picked me up over and over again, even though I kept going down further each time.

She has always been my conscience, the angel on my shoulder. The inside voice that I hate to hear when I know I should listen.
When Amanda told me she was pregnant I started crying. I felt so many things at that second that it was the only emotion to come out. I felt so excited,happy, and only about 2% jealous. I also thought about that baby and how much I hope it looks like Amanda and not Benji. Sorry Beej, but I know you hope so too!
So that is why I feel like an aunt.
By the way, in the picture, my neice is sucking her thumb. :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Umm, can you say SCARED?

Okay, I am officially scared of the whole baby phenomenon. Today we are having a baby shower at work. The woman had her baby at the very beginning of the year, so she already knows what she needs, and requested diapers. Yesterday Hays and I took our weekly trip to the grocery store, so I left him in the "manly" hygiene section and went to the scary foreign land known as "the baby aisle" to pick up some diapers. After FINALLY finding the right size, I looked at the price. TEN DOLLARS? For diapers? Oh my gosh!

When I found Hays again, I asked him (because he is a financial advisor and I thought he would be able to tell me the cost of diapers for a month) how long a pack of 40 diapers would last. This was the conversation.
Me: How long will a package of 40 diapers last
Hays: I don't know.

Me: Well, how many times do you think you would have to change a diaper during the day?
Hays: I don't know, like three?

Me: A baby goes to the bathroom a lot more than three times a day!
Hays: (Completely serious) But you don't have to change their diaper every time they go.

This gave me a whole new reason to be scared!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Why blog?

In the quest to figure out what my friends are up to, I have been reading their blogs. These friends seem to have such an eloquent and funny way of expressing their thoughts, and I love hearing about what is going on in their very different worlds. Good job, Stewart and Laura! So, I thought I would join the in the fun and tell people about all the things that are going on in the "Latimer World."

I feel like so much has happened this year, but when I talk to my friends and they ask "what are you doing?" or "what's new?" I always reply with the standard answers "nothing new" or "same old stuff, just work." It must seem SO boring! I, however, do not view my life as boring. Let's take today for example, with a little background information to explain:

I am a teacher (high school Biology) and for the past three years I have been blessed with Honors students. The kind of students who soak up every bit of information that is given to them and they can't WAIT to spout it back to you. This year, I have a few general classes, but only one this semester. I have to tell you that I was dreading this class, and they have given me quite a few tough days in this first nine weeks. Today was a different story. I was grading tests this morning, and the first one I graded belonged to a young guy who I'll call "Joe." Joe failed Biology last year, and Joe and I have had a few "come to Jesus" moments in class. During our last one in the hallway, I stopped and listened, REALLY listened to what he was saying. I don't know how many people have really listened to this kid in his 16 years, but I have a feeling that it hasn't been the norm for him. So Joe and I came to an understanding that if he would try and do his work and really make an effort in class, I would listen to him, and give him the benefit of the doubt from now on. Since that day, he has been a different kid. He has been awake every day in class, taking notes, being respectful, and giving me his attention. In turn, I have been encouraging him at each step, even when there has been little or no improvement. Today, his work paid off! I finished grading his test, and he made a B! He has not passed a test yet in my class, and today he made a B! I was so excited to tell him when he got to my classroom today, and the look on his face is worth all of the stress, anger, and frustration that this class has put me through.

Sometimes I wonder why I became a teacher. It is so much work, a truly thankless job. Why do I do it, when most days kids sigh, complain, and roll their eyes when I have high expectations? Today I was reminded again of why God put me in this place. I am truly blessed to be here, and it is in the little things that I realize that this job is worth all of the stress and lost sleep. I thank God for the Joes of the world that remind me why I am here.

Other things I am thankful for today:
1. My wonderful, patient, understanding, selfless husband.
2. My sister-in-law Sandi, who has to be the strongest person I know. She recently had a VERY good CT scan and is improving every day, fighing cancer with beauty, grace, and humor.
3. My dancers, who help fill my mind with endless "girl drama" and give me a sense of pride that is impossible to put into words. I can't wait to watch them perform TWICE today!