Thursday, May 26, 2011

In Honor of Graduation Day...

Sorry for the lack of posts, people. More issues with our home computer, busy time getting ready for the end of school and taking my dancers to camp next week, etc. BUT here I am and I have lots of pictures to blog in the next few days!
So in honor of Graduation day, I thought I would post some pictures of the tea that we had in honor of Katie (the Cougarette captain and my ONLY senior this year). I am so sad that she is leaving me, but I am so happy that she will be going on to bigger and better things at AUBURN UNIVERSITY! War Eagle!
Yummy cake

Whiteboard needed to say SOMETHING instead of being blank!

Food table

Card and gift from moi

Some of my gorgeous sweet girls!

More of my gorgeous sweet girls

Margaret Anne was learning to curtsy.

She loves these girls so much! Katie, Jordan, MA, and Olivia

All of my 2010-2011 Cougarettes and MA

Warning: Inappropriate! Margaret Anne pooted and thought it was hysterical. They were laughing at her!

Katie and Margaret Anne. Katie is also Miss Clay-Chalkville and will be competing in the Miss Alabama pageant in a few weeks. MA tells me she "wants to be a pwincess like Katie!"

Katie and me

Getting ready to watch the video that Jordan made that chronicles Katie's 3 years as a Cougarette. What a sweet video! And it was a tearjerker!


MA was fueled up on sugar and running around like a madwoman!

The tea was such a blast and I hope Katie enjoyed it! I know we all did and she will be missed for many reasons (Katie is also one of MA's favorite babysitters!).