Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Request.

Hey All! I normally don't do these things, but this year I have been overwhelmed by the fact that several of my sweet CCHS Cougarettes want to participate in the Southeast Alabama Medical Center's Champions of Hope 5K. I have decided to start a team page for them so that they can reach their fundraising goal.
As some of you may know, Champions of Hope was born from an idea that my sister-in-law, Sandi, had when talking with some friends. She wanted a way to help women in the wiregrass area who were suffering from breast cancer. She realized that many of these women did not have the support and resources that she has and wanted to make those things available to them. You can go to http://www.samcfoundation.org/ to read about what they do.
My page for the race is HERE. You can donate to my personal page or Click "My Team Page" and donate to the team. The girls are REALLY excited that they are going to be able to go and we would all appreciate if you would help us reach our team goal. You can also join our team and participate in the race with us, we would love to have you!

 If you want to see pics from previous year's races, click HERE and HERE.
Thank you so much for all of your support, and please remember to keep my beautiful, strong sister-in-law, Sandi McCool, in your prayers.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Check out my Cougarettes and the CCHS Cougar Band!

They are one of the best parts of my job and I am so proud of all of their hard work!

Click this link to see part of the Cougar Band Halftime show!