Tuesday, February 14, 2012

To my precious little Valentine

Dear Margaret Anne,

It's been a year since I've written you one of these letters. So many things have happened in the past year. Some have been amazing and some have been life changing and heartbreaking. But you, my love, have continued to amaze me with your spirit and you have been the only thing that could make me laugh some days. We lost your aunt Lulu last year, baby girl. And through it all, you were a constant reminder of God's grace and faithfulness through the most difficult times.

In the past year, you have gone from being a toddler to a little girl. You are completely potty trained and although it wasn't without a few difficult moments along the way, you learned quickly and with ease. You are SUCH a big girl. I waited forever to get rid of the diapers left in your closet. I just couldn't believe I wouldn't need them for my baby anymore. But we are all so glad you don't need them!

You started 3K back in August, before you were even officially three yet. Your teachers tell me that you are the most improved in the class, from where you were when you started to how far you've come. And you LOVE going to school, your teachers, and your friends. You can't wait to get there every day and usually when we leave you don't want to come home. And you are so smart! I can't believe the things that you've learned! From letters, numbers, songs, words, prayers, etc., you have just put so much information into that brain of yours. And my favorite part of the afternoon is when you tell me all the things that you have learned at school that day.

You are SO creative. And you are learning to write your letters like such a big girl. And you love to draw pictures of our family. In that picture you drew Daddy, Mommy, you, and Daisy at the bottom.And you are starting to write your name! SO sweet. You also love to paint and have started painting with watercolors. You are a good little artist. I can't always understand your vision, but I like that you don't do everything the way that I would do it. I may never admit this to you until you are older, but Mommy isn't ALWAYS right ;-)

You started taking dance class this year too and you love it. You love getting dressed up for dance every Thursday and having our special treat afterwards!

You amaze us every day with the things that you say and what you remember. Every night when we say our prayers, you say a prayer for everyone who is sad because they miss Lulu. And then, before I can get sad or choked up, you say "Mommy, Lulu's not sick anymore. She lives with Jesus." And you are so right. You would not believe how your sweet, simple little words have been able to keep me going when all I really want to do is be sad. But I can't lay around and be sad, baby girl. And you keep me from wanting to.

You have such a sweet heart, Margaret Anne. The past three and a half years with you have blessed me more than I ever knew possible.

Your daddy and I love you so very much.