Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Still waiting...

On our computer. For the love!! So much has happened! I have Christmas pics that I would love to put up, and Margaret Anne got her first hair cut last weekend that I got pics of! Tina only cut off less than an inch, just to even it up, so don't freak, people. I did NOT cut off those presh little curls. We are also taking the Princess to the Circus on Sunday and her daddy had to get her VIP seats ;-) I will update with pics as soon as I can. Please don't forget about us, all two people who read this!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Geek Squad and The Bachelor

Well, folks, we are still alive and kicking over here at the Latimer household. Unfortunately our computer is not. It is back again with the Geek Squad and let me just say how thankful I am that we purchased the $100 protection plan that was offered to us with our computer, because the motherboard died and we would be looking for a new computer right now which we CANNOT afford. So my advice to all is when making a big purchase, go ahead and throw in that protection plan!

Now, because I cannot upload any of our beautiful Christmas pictures at this time, let me just say that we had a very blessed Christmas and now Margaret Anne has more toys than she will ever be able to play with. She may very well be the luckiest little girl on the planet.

Now on to the most important part of this post... The Bachelor, Brad Womack 2.0.

You guys, I was always a Brad fan, and actually thought he did the right thing by not picking either girl on his last stint as the Bachelor. However, he comes back with promises to commit and make a choice, and I can't wait to see how he wades through all these desperate crazies.  My favorite part is that he is 38 and the OLDEST girl of the thirty available for him to choose from is 32. I also think it's slightly hilarious that my good friend's husband (who will not be named without her permission) dated Jackie "the NY artist" before he met and fell in love with my beautiful friend. Ha!

Now, I am going to direct you all once again to Lincee's blog for some serious laughs at her Bachelor episode recaps. Seriously, reading her recaps may be 90% of why I still watch this mess. She cracks me up and I'm pretty sure if we ever met IRL we would be friends. You guys go, laugh, watch, read, and enjoy and feel free to leave any comments that you have on Brad or last night's episode.