Thursday, February 14, 2013

My favorite Valentine.

Dear Margaret Anne,

     I always write one of these posts for you on Valentine's Day, because Valentine's Day marks your half birthday. You were born four and a half years ago today, at the exact time that I schedule this to publish. I remember that moment like it was yesterday. Hearing you cry, and looking at you all over when I finally got to hold you. I couldn't believe how perfect you were, and that you were MINE.  I can't believe you have already been in my life for so long... and I also can't believe its only been that long. I can't imagine my life without you, sweet girl. You are the biggest blessing.
At four and a half, your personality and independence have really started to develop. You can be SO stubborn. Just like your mama. And your daddy, for that matter. Your pediatrician once told me that strong-willed children usually achieve their life goals. I believe you will, Margaret Anne! But even though you can be stubborn, those times are few and far between. You are the most loving little girl. You would rather snuggle up with Mommy and Daddy than do just about anything else. You love all of your family and your teachers so much, and you make sure you hug them and tell them. I love that so much about you.
These days you are still VERY into princesses and all things girly. You love your dance classes and you love playing dress-up. I have NEVER seen a child with such a good imagination. Maybe that is part of you being an "only," but you will come up with a scenario, give all of us character names, and STICK WITH IT for a whole day. It is funny and most definitely entertaining!

Recently, you went to see Dr. Powell for the first time. I have to admit, I was terrified that you would freak out. But you were so good and let them check your teeth and brush them. You left with lots of goodies and I think they liked you too!

It snowed a few weeks ago, and you were so excited. You didn't want to touch it, but once we put gloves on you, you thought throwing snowballs at Mom was FUN! You really just wanted to make footprints and catch snowflakes on your tongue. That was your favorite.

Little girl, you make us laugh so much! Just yesterday, you came downstairs before school with your Uggs on (courtesy of Uncle Bubba), and you put on your little rain coat (courtesy of your Grammy) and walked into the kitchen. You looked at me, popped up your collar, and said "Mommy, does this look stylish? Because I think these Uggs are VERY stylish." Your daddy and I looked at each other and tried not to laugh. Because you did, in fact, look very stylish. I think we laughed about that little moment all day long!

Margaret Anne, I never could have imagined that I could love another person this much. And every moment that I spend with you, I love you even more. Your Daddy and I are so grateful that the Lord chose us to be your parents, and that we get to experience your sweet spirit every day.


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