Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2- Margaret Anne's 4 year check up!

Margaret Anne had her 4 year old check up today! Even though her birthday is in August, we had to schedule it for October since we were late getting it one year (not our fault, her doc had an accident and had to be out for awhile). Here are her stats:
-41 inches tall (75th percentile)
-33 lbs (10th percentile)

As soon as her doctor walked in, MA started talking to him and telling him "Guess what? When I get done here I am going to go to school!" and "Guess what?! I have a bug bite on my leg. It's from a BUG." She talked a blue streak to him! He said "Well, I guess I don't have to ask if her verbal skills are ok..."
She also had her blood pressure checked, hearing and vision screenings, and she got her flu vaccine! They had to check her bp twice, however, because the first time I think she thought they were trying to kill her and she was flipping out so it was high. When they rechecked it and she realized it wasn't scary, she was fine and it came way down. I can't believe she is such a big girl. We already had to talk about when to get her Pre-Kindergarten immunizations. YIKES! She was so sweet, after she ran up to the doc and gave him a hug before we left.  My girl is growing up so fast. I promised her some new shoes if she was a "big girl" at the doctor's office, so it looks like we are going shopping this afternoon...

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