Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Blogging- Day 1 is for Breast Cancer awareness month and Sandi

Well, I have been way out of the blogging world and I am going to TRY to jump back in! Don't know how well I will do but it's time to shake off my year-long blogging funk. The truth is that Sandi was one of the main people that I blogged for and her absence hasn't been easy... but there are other people out there who enjoyed my blog so here I am!

Many bloggers are trying the "31 Days of Blogging" so I thought that I would too. I thought that since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month that I would start with that since that cause is close to my heart.
Most of you know that Sandi, my sister-in-law (a term she and I NEVER used since we were so close, we were like sisters) passed away from a LONG, hard battle with Stage IV breast cancer last year. All in all she fought stage IV cancer for over 4 years. But she was initially diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer at age 30, so she dealt with cancer in one way or another for over 7 years. She started a race called the Champions of Hope race in 2008 that has grown to HUGE proportions. She wanted a Susan G. Komen race in Dothan but they weren't willing to come down there and start one, and she realized that people needed more than just funds for research. Sandi, even though she had Stage IV cancer, always felt very blessed that she didn't have to work or care for children while going through treatment and she had the means to pay for things that she needed, such as someone to clean her house when she wasn't strong enoough to do so. She wanted a program in place to help those that did. She wanted to educate women on what they could expect while going through treatment and she also wanted to help those that couldn't afford mammograms get the service that they need. The Champions of Hope race has since raised over a quarter of a million dollars for the SAMC Foundation and for those purposes, along with many other services provided, and ALL of the funds stay in the Wiregrass area.

The race this year was renamed "The Sandi McCool Champions of Hope" in honor of her, since it was her vision that started it all. I have started a team for all of her friends and family to join called "Sandi's Breast Friends" and I would LOVE for any of you who want to join us on race day! The race is October 20th, 2012 and you can click HERE to register. If you can't participate in the actual race but you would like to help us honor Sandi's memory by supporting her cause, you may click HERE to donate to my team.

Unrelated, I have lots to update you on and several pictures to add. I hope that you will hear much more from me in October. 31 days of blogging, here I come...