Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 9- Warriors!

Sorry I missed a few days, internets. This weekend was a whirlwind and things have been crazy in Latimer world. BUT here I am with pics from the weekend! My bro came to town to run in the Warrior Dash. It was cold and rainy and I brought my big daddy camera out there to take pictures of his Warrior skills.

This was before the run. They look so clean and happy. Check out the Warrior Poet in the middle. My bro is on the right. I like the warrior beards. (this one was from my phone, sorry for the lack of quality)

These are some of the costumes. Some people went ALL OUT. Can you find Waldo?

My brave bro jumping some FIRE! Look at that form.

Swimming through mud and under barbed wire. That's a warrior right there. Such INTENSITY in his face!

And here are our three warriors after. They look happy, but not so clean...

It was fun to witness all the warriors! Maybe next year I'll try to be a warrior too.

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